When to use “A” and “An”? 

The article A and An are indefinite articles before nouns or adjectives that improve a noun.

“What are indefinite articles”

Use article “A” if the word you are using begins with a consonant sound.

and use the article An if the term you are using starts with a vowel sound.

Here are a few examples of sentences using the article “a”.

I’m going to buy a new car next month.

She’s a teacher at the local elementary school.

There’s a spider in the corner of the room.

I’m going to have a sandwich for lunch.

He’s a very talented musician.

Here are a few examples of sentences using the article “an”.

I’m going to buy an apple at the store.

She’s an engineer at the local technology company.

There’s an ant crawling on the kitchen counter.

I’m going to have an omelet for breakfast.

He’s an excellent painter.


1.) A hand gently pushed her forward.

2.) Virtue is a jewel of great price.

3.) I will watch for a while.

4.) Alex always said she had a good imagination.

5.) You’re a very interesting person

6.) Rome wasn’t built in a day

7.) A fair face but a foul mouth

8.) It may take a few minutes, but he’ll catch on

9.) You cannot judge a tree by its bark

10.) Would you like to play a game?


1.) She was an only child who had been very welcome.

2.) He has been here for about an hour now.

3.) Never go to bed on an argument.

4.) Better an open enemy than a false friend.

5.) I was using my mother as an excuse

6.) How will they feel about an unexpected guest?

7.) There’s an exception to every rule

8.) An old dog can’t learn new tricks

9.) I tried to call you on your cell phone, but I didn’t get an answer.

10.) I think you owe me an explanation.

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