“May” and “might” are both modal verbs that are used to express possibility or uncertainty, but they are used in different ways.

“May” is used to express possibility or to ask for permission. For example:

  • It may rain tomorrow. (There is a possibility that it will rain tomorrow.)
  • May I borrow your pen? (I am asking for permission to borrow your pen.)

“Might” is used to express a less certain possibility or to make a polite suggestion. For example:

  • He might be at the library. (There is a possibility that he is at the library, but it is not certain.)
  • You might want to bring an umbrella just in case. (I am suggesting that you bring an umbrella, but it is not required.)

In general, “may” is used to express a higher degree of possibility, while “might” is used to express a lower degree of possibility.

By Karen

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