Many people confuse compliment and complement so it’s a smart decision to take a few minutes to learn the distinction between them.

A compliment is an expression of praise, admiration, or approval. It is a kind or favorable remark or attention.

For example:

  • Jamie gave Anna a compliment on her dress. (Jamie expressed her admiration for the dress Anna was wearing)
  • She received many compliments on her violin performance. (She received a lot of praise for her violin performance)

A complement is something that completes or enhances something else. It is something that adds to or makes something better.

For example:

  • The shoes are a perfect complement to her outfit. (The shoes make her whole outfit look better)
  • The sauce is a complement to the dish. (The sauce enhances the taste of the dish)

In summary, a compliment is an expression of praise, admiration,

A complement is something that completes or enhances something else.


1.) Your presence is a compliment.

2.) Shower her with compliments if you want things to work in your favor. 

3.) She gave a coy smile when he paid her a compliment

4.) Was the offering a compliment or a complaint?

5.) I have always wondered why I struggle to give compliments

6.) It’s a great compliment to be asked to do the job.

7.) I must compliment you on your handling of a very difficult situation

8.) You receive this compliment with a well-practiced smile.

9.) It mustn’t sound like a contrived compliment

10.) I’ll take that as a compliment on both counts.


1.) Video games can complement the educational experience

2.) Strawberries and cream complement each other perfectly.

3.) Her choice of wall color complements her floors.

4.) They oppose each other also complement each other.

5.) We complement one another perfectly

6.) Each brush is designed to complement a certain skin tone

7.) A simple string of pearls will complement any outfit

8.) Complement a light shirt with a dark tie.

9.) The two suggestions complement each other

10.) An extensive wine list is available to complement your meal

By Karen

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